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baalke confirmed sunday that he has been fired The media latches on the a few and lifts them up as the example, not the outlier.This has become an excuse instead of a reason. Look at the work that churches are doing every day to address real problems in our communities. And the work only gets harder as entire generations believe a media whose entire job is to create news and cause division (and thus more news) and run from groups who are pouring their hearts into loving our neighbors.

Gordon quickly dismissed the question, shifting the focus to football and what he can bring to the Browns this season."In reference to anything like I've stated previously in Q or publications that are already out there, those things have been asked and answered. For me being here right now, I'm trying to relate everything back to football and taking advantage of the platform being here and underneath this roof and sticking to the football facts and football based questions and what I can do to help this team now," Gordon said.New England cheap nfl jerseys Sports NetworkNBA Rumors: wholesale hockey jerseys free shipping from China Dwyane Wade Expects Celtics To Trade For Kawhi LeonardThere might never be fire when it comes to the San Antonio Spurs trading Kawhi Leonard to the Boston Celtics.

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